Saturday, 17 February 2018


Richemont is a Swiss-based holding company, but operates internationally. It exercises financial and operational control over companies operating primarily in luxury goods. Keep an eye on the Rand while trading this stock.
On the weekly scale graph we notice a retracement back to the 200 weekly moving average. Currently at a strong support price and over sold levels on the Stochastic oscillator.  Defiantly a stock to keep watching this coming week or two.
Zooming into the daily data, to time the trade and find the entry and stop price levels. A close above the 5 day moving average at 10800, might be a good entry level.  With a stop at the 200 weekly moving average 10300, but the recent low 10400 should be fine as well.

Trade with caution as the markets are very unstable and uncertain.
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